Services I am Currently Offering:              



Experience a taste of energy work.  Get to know me and some of my techniques as well as a general consultation.


Come with a mental, physical or emotional issue you would like to let go of and Michelle will tune into the angelic and spiritual realms to get to the root cause of the issue.  Each session is unique and may involve:  releasing negative patterns, emotions and limiting beliefs, releasing people and places draining you, taking your power back, healing your inner child, chakra clearing, releasing karmic ties and contracts or even healing past lives and timelines.

Single sessions are the building blocks of packages.  Purchasing packages offers a better value with reduced rates to encourage clients to invest in themselves, allow time for new habits to form and for greater healing and transformation to occur.

Single Session – 50 minutes

4 Session Package 

Is there something specific that you are wanting to change or improve?  Do you want to learn about and get comfortable using some energy clearing tools?  We will clear out major blocks keeping you stuck and you can practice clearing at home to create greater change.

8 Session Package

Do you want to release suffering or struggle in some area of your life?  Do you want to let go of old feelings or hurts holding you back?  Do you wish to release reactionary patterns like anger, overwhelm, blame or withdrawing?  We will get to the root of and release these blocks to improve your wellbeing.  Learn to become aware of how you are contributing to your struggle and start to positively change your mindset.

12 Session Package

Are you committed to improving any area of your life:  self, relationships, career, finances or further opening your awareness?  Recognize big changes & shifts in the area of your life that you are improving with further clearing and support.  Become aware of your own limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings and patterns which sabotage your efforts to change and develop the habit of clearing them immediately as soon as you become aware of them.

16 Session Package

Align more fully with your most authentic, joyful and powerful self.  Expand your awareness and fully integrate the positive changes you are creating into your daily life.   With continued support in clearing what is limiting you and learning a variety of tools to empower yourself, you will become proficient at creating what you desire.  This package may be great for living your own truth, becoming the best version of you, becoming fully empowered, loving yourself fully or increasing your vibration into levels of love, joy & gratitude where manifesting exist.


Home Clearing Parties

Host your own unique and fun get together with your friends.  It is affordable and the clearings are specific to the group of people who show up.  You will learn some basic information about how energy works and some techniques that you can practice to further empower yourself.  We will spend the bulk of the time clearing out and releasing emotions, beliefs & patterns that are sabotaging you from living in integrity with the highest version of who you authentically are.  Alternatively, you could also choose a theme to clear around – eg. Self-esteem, Empowerment, Relationships, Money or something specific.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to book and the remaining balance is due prior to the party.   $210 for 3-4 people,  $250 for 5-8 people.

Online Webinar Group Clearing – soon to come

A more affordable clearing method using live and recorded group energy clearing sessions that you can listen to over and over, each time clearing at a deeper level.

4) GUIDED MEDITATIONS– soon to come

Relax, connect to divine light and let the power of your imagination and intention work for you to create a life you love.