Kind Words From Those I’ve Served

Michelle is an “extra-ordinary” coach that I would recommend to anybody who is willing to step up their life.  She is right on point and will lovingly guide you in what to clear in order to manifest the life you want.  Thank you Michelle for all your precious guidance.

-Beatrice Gonzales, Haitii


Michelle is one of the most talented Life Coaches I have ever worked with. She’s a true intuitive and is guided by divine source energy to find the energy that needs to be cleared. I felt great after the session!

– Terry Tver,


Michelle Enns is a warm, caring, insightful intuitive coach.  Her presence and spiritual gifts are a blessing to anyone who connects with her.

– Lorene Davis, Roseville, CA


Wow, wow, wow, thank you, thank you, thank you, is all I can say.  Michelle is so thorough inside and out, leaving no stone unturned.  The messages she gets, the details she is able to uncover, blocks have no chance against her.  I went through half a box of Kleenex in my clearing with her.  All there is left to say is, just, thank you.  A heart felt thank you.

– D. Gupta


I highly recommend Michelle!  She is a very gifted Intuitive Life Coach / Energy Healer.  She starts by meditating you into pure bliss and creates a safe place where you feel supported.  She then assists you with what you are wanting to shift in your life.  I feel like Michelle has truly helped me get reconnected to who I am and where I’m going.  She has also helped me release things that no longer serve me.  I am very grateful for Michelle’s amazing gifts!  Thank you, Michelle!

– Mary McCune, Kansas City, Missouri


I have had the privilege of having had several sessions with Michelle and I would highly recommend her!  Michelle has a gentle and loving manner even when telling me things about myself I am not always keen to hear.  Michelle is particularly gifted at delving into and clearing the roots & origins of issues you may be experiencing with a specific person.  Within days of sessions, I have had troublesome situations be completely resolved.  A much more harmonious and a whole new perspective has been seen as a result.  Very Talented!

– Laura B., Alberta, Canada


Michelle demonstrates a loving, supportive presence in her work.

– Jaclyn Elda Chisholm, Tampa, Florida


Michelle is a very intuitive coach.  She has a way about her that is gentle, compassionate and caring.  She is highly accurate and gets right to the root, she helped me clear some very deep patterns!  I love working with Michelle and I highly recommend her!

– Lisa C. Anderson, New Jersey


I have just had a session with Michelle, and I feel like I can fly!  We were working on me finding my life mate.  I had already made a wish list of my life mate.  We went through it and she pointed out the places I was limiting myself because of my beliefs.  I am amazed with the power she had when we went in and cleared any reason for the blocks to be there in the form of contracts I had created.

I will recommend Michelle to anyone that really wants to create change in their life.  My life will not be the same after this session.  I can feel it in my whole system.  Thank you Michelle for sharing your gifts and skills with me, so I can move on with my life.

– Vinnie, Denmark


Coaching with Michelle is a pleasure as well as an awesome opportunity; so powerful to clear what’s been in the way of reaching my goals and building the life and business I’ve dreamed of!  Her intuitive approach to coaching is spot-on.  Not only that, her deep intuitive skills get to the heart of things.  Highly recommend Michelle to anyone.

– Shane McIntosh, Australia


Michelle has helped me immensely.  She is a great coach who is talented, knowledgeable and intuitive.  Michelle is capable of helping her clients find the main reasons for their challenges and successfully removing and solving them.  Michelle is attentive, thorough, kind and easy to work with.  Thank you, Michelle, for being you.

– Dr. Bari A., Manhattan, KS


Thanks so much for yesterday’s clearings.  I believe they are quite profound and will have big impacts on my life.  In fact, they already have.  As of now, I have a session booked with a new client and have a new client for my conditioning class.  Thank you soooo much!

– Rochelle, Montana


Wow! What an amazing feeling when she was clearing my blocks.  I totally felt it!  I loved the way she did the process to get the emotions / blocks to be cleared.  Thank you so much.

– Veronica Pontiles Prukowski, Seattle Washington

Michelle is a skilled and professional intuitive life coach.  She is a lovely, kind, gentle being who can easily set one at ease.  She has helped me to find my center of peace with such grace that I feel blessed.  I thank Michelle from the bottom of my heart for all her help.

– Mala Dodhia – Nairobi, Kenya