Energy Healing Coach

Michelle empowers people to become the best, most authentic versions of themselves through teaching workshops, guided meditations and facilitating intuitive energy healing sessions. 

She uses the power of Divine love and light, various energetic techniques as well as angelic and spiritual helpers to easily release emotional, mental and physical “blockages” to health, happiness and success.

Personal Transformation – Michelle’s Story

Michelle has personally transformed her life and has overcome traumatic experiences through energy work.  Michelle grew up in a dysfunctional family dealing with alcoholism, divorce, poverty and a father who worked away.  As an adult with a science and teaching background, she struggled with chronic migraines, infertility, grief, severe stress, depression, anxiety, poor health and breast cancer.

Michelle feels that cancer was a blessing because she started taking control of her life, radically changed her diet and researched like crazy.  She discovered that a huge percent of pain, illness, emotional suffering and dis-ease is rooted in emotions and situations from our past, often from childhood.  That led her to energy work and her journey to heal herself.

Michelle discovered that as she worked on herself, her relationship with her husband changed.  She stopped reacting and what bothered her before was healed.  Even through a separation, Michelle could be thankful for their life experiences, love and accept her husband for who he is.  In fact, as Michelle worked on herself, every aspect of her life changed.  She learned to love and care for herself more, have more real and healthier relationships and became happy about life again.  Michelle currently has more energy, health, increased joy, peace of mind and is creating a life that she loves.

Michelle is a kind, caring and compassionate soul who genuinely wants to help people because it is rewarding and fills her soul to use her gifts to help others. 

How Michelle’s Skills Can Help You

Michelle offers a unique, intuitive skill set which identifies and efficiently eliminates layers of limiting energy that keeps you stuck in old, familiar patterns which sabotage your efforts to change.  This limiting energy, or “blockages” are conscious and subconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs, patterns and negative energy which often are absorbed from others. Subconscious programs often manifest as self-sabotaging and repetitive patterns which creates struggle against change.  By removing these programs, your goals will be met much more quickly than doing it on your own.  Michelle also teaches you simple skills to empower yourself to create the most change.


Michelle’s interest in the work of Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, don Miguel Ruiz and Dr. David Hawkins inspired her interest in how the body, mind and spirit are connected and how the law of attraction works.  Michelle completed the Star Magic Facilitator Energy Healing Training Level 1 with Jerry Sargeant in Sedona, Arizona, USA and Level 2 in Church Stretton, England.  For 3 years Michelle was immersed in Christie Sheldon’s Intuitive Life Coach Training, Advanced Intuitive Life Coach Training, Energetic Business Building and Unlimited Abundance Courses.  She also was an Ambassador for a live event held by Christie Sheldon: Unlimited Abundance, Manifesting Magic and More.  Other training include The Angel Solution from Melanie Beckler, Enhance & Activate Your Psychic Senses by Macaya Miracle, Silva Mind Body Healing, Silva Intuition System, Chakra 7 and the Higher Chakra System by Carol Tuttle, Power of the Mind in Health & Healing by  Dr. Keith Holden


Everyone is exposed to negative situations in their lives & may not even be aware of the energetic “blockages” they have taken in, limiting their joy and the life they truly desire and deserve.