Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Prepare for a Session?

Get a good night sleep prior to the session.  Pick a time and place where you can be quiet & undisturbed and remind family to not interrupt during the call.  It is important to be able to close your eyes and go within to sense the energy and any changes you may feel.   Relax and breathe deeply.  Ensure that you are hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout, during and after the session.

Have a list or an idea of what you want to work on.  Often unintended issues that need clearing also come to the surface prior to the session.  So, take notice of any negative thoughts, feelings, conflicts, or other events happening in your life prior to the session as well.

If we will be conducting sessions through skype, remember to add me to your contacts as michelle_enns prior to the appointment.

Why Are Sessions Done Over the Phone and Skype?

I prefer sessions take place over the phone, facebook messenger phone or skype.  This allows each of us to get in a comfortable position, relax, close our eyes and go within to focus on the energy.  I will contact you at the time of the appointment.  If using skype, please allow 1 hour prior, to download skype if it is new to you and ensure that you add me to your contacts as michelle_enns.

When both the client and practitioner are relaxed, undisturbed and in a state where they can focus within, the deepest clearing can occur.  Energy travels incredibly fast, think of the speed of light.  An Intuitive Energy Healer can detect and clear the energy regardless of how far away they are.  This is called distant healing and works the same as if in the same room.

I also offer in person sessions for anyone near Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada as well as workshops, classes and speaking engagements.

What is Involved in a Typical Session?

Even though every session is unique and a variety of techniques can be used, there are some common factors.  We will chat initially to determine what you want to work on and set an intention to clear that.  I will guide you through a visualization to connect you to the light and scan your energy field to detect blockages.  From that point, any number of techniques can be used to identify and clear out your blocks using the power of love and light.  Be open to becoming aware of and communicating any sensations, thoughts or feelings that come to mind as we clear.  Your highest self, the highest version of you, is helping you to become aware of things that are ready to be cleared.  We then fill you up with positive, high vibrational loving energy and give you some practice exercises to start creating the habits which will ensure long lasting change.


What Will a Session Feel Like?   How Will Know It Is Working?

It is great to be aware of how you are feeling before and after a session, so that you can notice the change.   After a session, you may feel lighter, more spacious and open as the heavy dense energy is lifted.  You may feel energized, excited or just know that you are on the right path.  You may feel so relaxed that you need a nap.  This is often an indication that deep subconscious layers have been removed.

Every person senses energy differently and each session may be perceived differently.   You may notice tingling, pulsing, pulling, heat, cold, yawning or coughing.  Some people may feel the emotions as they are released.  Just breathe, be present, and allow the energy to leave as it is only fleeting and temporary.   Others may not recognize the energy leaving but then find in the next few days and weeks that their previous symptoms have significantly decreased or the situations and issues seem resolved.  They may notice they are feeling happier, less stressed, more energized, etc.

I recommend a journal so you can record what you notice during a session and in between sessions.  You could even rate your energy level, happiness level, stress level, etc. on a 1-10 scale and watch it improve.

What Can I Do For Self Care To Support These Sessions?

  1. Take a Salt Bath after intense energy clearing and during times of stress or overwhelm. High quality Epsom salts, magnesium salts or Himalayan salts will absorb into your skin and restore your Magnesium levels, revitalize your energy, relax and soothe muscles and nerves and draw toxins from the body. (1-2 cups / bath, 20 minutes )
  2. Get out in nature – this helps with grounding your energy and brings calm, uplifting energy
  3. Take a nap or go to bed earlier to allow your body to process and release old energy with greater ease.
  4. Movement helps with energy flow, so walk, dance, stretch…anything you enjoy that allows your body to move.

Is this Religious?  Do I need to believe in God for this to work?

No, this does not follow any religion.  Love and light is a universal healing force which anyone can use to empower themselves.  If you have a Religion, you may prefer to think of the light as God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah or The Creator.   Atheists may prefer to simply think of light.  Others may prefer to think of the light as Source, The Universe or where you came from.  It is personal to everyone, but it is still a powerful real force which everyone can use to heal & improve their lives.

How Can Energy Clearing Contribute To My Health?

Energy blockages affect our health and wellbeing.  Restriction and blockages to vital life force energy can cause pain and dis-ease.  Removing the root cause of those issues allows the body to heal itself.  Energy healing can be used in conjunction with and enhances all other energy based practices like massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, quantum touch, Bio-Energy healing, yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and emotional freedom techniques like tapping.

Energy Work is not a replacement for visiting Doctors or other qualified professionals.  I am not a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist and can not diagnose, treat or cure a medical condition.  However, removing the energy of negative emotions, thoughts, beliefs and conditioning from our past allows vital life force energy to flow freely allowing the incredible healing abilities of our bodies to work effectively.  For a more comprehensive list of health benefits, see Benefits tab in the menu.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Be Aware:  When you book a session, your Higher Self is already going to work for you.  It will bring up stuff in your life that is in need of clearing so that you are aware of it.  Just notice situations and make a list of what comes up; arguments, drama, feelings, thoughts, experiences, etc. so we can clear it during the session.

A 24 hour minimum notice to cancel and reschedule is required.  If not, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged.

What is the Refund Policy?

If you are not satisfied after the free mini session and first paid session, then I will happily refund your money, less one individual session, if you contact me 48 hours prior to your second session.

If you want a refund part way through a package, then you will be charged an individual session price (currently $160) for each session that you have already received and will receive the difference of that from your originally paid package price.  No refunds on services rendered.

Can you Guarantee Results?

Results will vary from person to person as we are all unique individuals with our own backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, thoughts and feelings.  I can not guarantee or promise that you will experience certain results. Your level of success depends on many factors including your desire or will, your commitment and choice to practice, integrate the skills and take action.  Ultimately, you and you alone are responsible for your life and the choices you make.

I do guarantee that I use my intuitive skills and awareness to the best of my ability for the highest and greatest good of my clients to support and facilitate them in clearing their energy blocks, healing and balancing their energy and to support and guide them in creating their authentic hearts’ desire.

Can I Purchase Packages In Installments?

The best value for your money is to pay with one full payment.  However, I do also offer monthly payments.