What Does an Energy Healer Do?

“Energy work is priceless.  It makes everyday extraordinary”
– Silvia Hartman, Energy EFT

All Energy Healers are unique with their own special intuitive gifts and talents, so what they do in a session can vary.  Basically they scan your energy field, detect and remove what is causing an imbalance, or issue, in your life.

 We all have heavy, dense negative energy within our energetic field blocking or limiting us from our full potential.  Everyone has the capacity to recognize this in their body.  For example, if a person is stressed out, it affects the entire mind body spirit connection.

In their body, they may emotionally feel anxious, overwhelmed or out of control.  They may physically feel tightness in their shoulders and neck, have headaches, and their blood pressure and heart rate may rise.  In their mind, they might think “why do I have to do everything myself?”, “I’ll never get it all done in time”.  They may believe “they will never help me, so why ask”.  In their spirit or soul connection, they may feel disappointed or unsupported by their family or Universal Source Energy or Divine.  A person may not even be aware of their higher consciousness and the power it holds.

Our energetic body holds everything that has created our own unique story;  experiences, feelings, beliefs, decisions and habits.  Much of this energy is subconscious and often absorbed and learned as a child from parents, family, society and the media, so it may not even be your own.  Not everything we have been exposed to was positive, so an Energy Healer can remove that unwanted energy, or blocks,  from your energy field using the healing power of Love and Light.  Michelle will also support you through your journey and teach you tools and techniques to create the change you want.

“As a spirit having a human experience you can choose to not merely exist but to be fully conscious & aware of living in a limited world.  When you take a conscious part in life & it’s multitude of choices, you won’t let life happen to you – you will make it happen for you.” – James Van Praagh