Thoughts are Powerful and Affect Reality

“Our positive and negative beliefs not only impact our health but also every aspect of our life.”   – Dr. Bruce Lipton

Our thoughts and feelings are energy which usually can’t be seen by the naked eye.  However, Dr. Masaru Emoto has demonstrated how this energy can be seen.  He conducted experiments which visually show the results that strong intentional thoughts, feelings & words have on water and took pictures of water crystals under various conditions.  He discovered that the vibration of positive words, thoughts and feelings all created well-formed and beautiful crystals.  The vibration of negative thoughts & words created malformed crystals at best.

I love how this visually demonstrates the power we all have within us to transform our lives and those around us with loving, happy and compassionate thoughts, words & intentions.

To view a powerful video illustrating Dr. Emoto’s photographs, click here.

As our bodies are composed of 90% water when born and 70% water as adults, this has a huge implication for out health.  Water transports energy throughout our entire body.   Can you imagine the impact that your conscious thoughts, words and emotions can have in your own life?

In fact, thoughts and beliefs DO alter our physiology.  Behavioural epigenetic scientists study the link between thoughts and body cells.  What a person thinks and believes actually changes their blood’s chemistry and in turn the cells of their body.  A common example that many people recognize is the yogi who can slow their breathing and heart rate down or even walk on coals with no physical results.

So the mind, what we believe, directly affects our reality.  Positive perceptions improve health and negative thoughts and beliefs can create dis-ease. Our mind is powerful and scientists have shown how our intentions, what we think about and focus on can actually alter physical reality.