Raise Your Vibration and Frequency To Create Change and Healing

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”  – Nikola Tesla

Our thoughts and feelings are all energy which vibrates and has a frequency.  So, we all have a personal vibration composed of our beliefs, judgements, opinions, decisions, emotions, habits and behaviours.

Dr. Hawkin’s Scale of Consciousness, in his book Power vs Force,  rates the frequency of typical human emotions. Negative emotions result in living in a contracted state. Our bodies even feel contracted, heavy, tight and restricted.  Positive emotions result in living in an expanded state.  We feel lighter, brighter, more open and expanded.

Energy healing involves clearing or releasing trapped, low frequency, heavy, dense energy of negative emotions stuck in your body so your average personal vibration would increase.  It clears out conscious and unconscious negative and unwanted thoughts, beliefs, judgements, emotions, patterns and “old stories” of your past and in doing so raises your vibration to an expanded state.  It is in this expanded state of love, joy and gratitude that healing occurs and you can live a happier, more fulfilled, successful, high quality of life.