How Does an Individual Get Energy Blocks?

“The mind is like a fertile garden in which anything that is planted, flowers or weeds, will grow”
– Bruce Lee

As infants and children (0-7 years), our brains are primarily operating in the frequency of delta and theta state.  This allows an incredible amount of information and energy to rapidly download into their brains in order to survive in their environment.  At a conscious & subconscious energetic level they absorb, or imprint, energy all around them.

When young children have learned something, it enters their subconscious memory.  This is how beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and emotions from parents, family, school, society and the media become “hardwired” into the subconscious mind as absolute “facts”.  For instance, if someone said, “you are being bad, you don’t deserve that”, a child may learn that and it becomes programmed as a “truth” for them.  As an adult, they may feel they are undeserving of love or not good enough but not really know why.

The subconscious automatically reacts with these hardwired behavior programs which is why as adults we might say, feel or do something automatically without choosing to.  We recognize this as “our buttons being pushed”.   If we try to change this with willpower alone, we struggle as the subconscious mind is powerful and is trying to keep you safe.

We need to actually remove those thoughts, feelings, beliefs, patterns and programs for change to become easier and faster.  That is why Energy Healing can help you create the change you want much more quickly and effectively than on your own.

“It’s not too late as adults to overcome your own
negative programming by accessing your subconscious mind.”
– Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief